Joe Nichols

FOB-2013Today we went to see Joe Nichols in a concert on Beale. To be completely honest, we saw the opening acts and left. Crystal and Jason came with up and we went to eat at El Nopal then went to Light Paint!

That was so much fun, Jason had some awesome ideas on how we could do different things. It was so nice to have someone with us, time flew by so fast because we had so much fun, it was 2:00am before I got home.

Board Game Night

We went to walmart and got a couple games and dug up what we already had, and had us a little party.

  • Battleship
  • UNO
  • Yahtzee
  • Guess Who
  • Life


This is how we party around here, forget going to clubs and bars, we play board games!

By the way, I <u>suck</u> at shuffling cards.